Unlock Weapons For Multiplayer In Campaign

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yeah really let me pick up a katana and ima have a whole lotta fun in multyplayer
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@PlayerLoaded wrote:

What if CoD Devs put weapons in every map as an easter egg, once picked up, you get to use it in multiplayer. It would change how people use only multiplayer and gets players to use all functions of the game!

I think it would be beneficial for the game because then people can earn things in and out of the missions and in multiplayer.

Zombies should stay seperate of the entire game and stays as its own.
What do you gus think?


Weapons? No. Weapon camo? No. Character skins? Okay, I guess. Patches? Yes.


Kinda think they should keep things seperate.

That's my opinion but it should be yours ;-),
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