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Hi, there's a whole bunch of us who have been playing CoD since 2003 on PC and strangely enough, we ain't getting any younger! There's a lot of us "older gamers" out there now and as such I'm hoping the developers might be able to offer up some additional controls in WWII's video settings to help those of us out there with (way) less than perfect eyesight.


If possible, I'd like to see an Accessibility Options menu item to help with:

- some means to help the characters pop - particularly when there's a lot of changes in the in-game environment lighting and/or busy backgrounds and

- providing the option to use larger fonts for item/weapon descriptors or in sub-titles etc.


My eyesight was terrible to begin with, but it's definitely deteriorating as I get a bit older. Being color blind doesn't help either. But I love CoD and I've been hanging out for the return of another "conventional" CoD game for a few years - since BO2 really (although I didn't mind Ghosts). But even though I still play B02 (on my good ol' PS3) almost daily it's getting harder to spot the enemy. I'm hoping technology might be able to provide a solution in WWII to help create a more enjoyable gaming experience for those of us with some level of visual impairment.


Thanks for your consideration.

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