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Is there an event calendar published anywhere that I can bookmark?


The Resistence event is going on right now but I can't find the end date.  Last year it ended February 27th but I can't find 2019's dates.  I'm tired of events suddenly ending before I was able to unlock all the gear.  The Quartermaster in the game should have the expiration date instead of just saying "Back for a limited time".

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I agree that they should have announced an ending date for Resistance. The Winter Siege was announced so this tells me that Resistance won't last until February 27th like last year. I also think Resistance started later in January last year. But the best bet would be to get what you want/need sooner and don't wait. I think when they say for a limited time it's not lasting for a month.

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The resistance event unlocked.  The gizmo in headquarters is not unlocked.

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Thanks, had no idea this was open. Was saving ACs. 

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