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Finally we return to World War II. Feel like I'm in middle school againSmiley Happy


Anywho. I started with the series with the original Call of Duty on PC and stopped playing after the first Modern Warfare. If there's one thing I really hope doesn't make it into the game (single and mulitplayer), is weapon mods.


Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure in World War II we didn't have forward grips, extended butt stocks, banana clips for assault rifles, thermal/red dot sights, and any of the stuff that was in World at War. 


Weapons issued on a mass scale were with the good 'ol iron sights, and I hope this Call of Duty sticks to that. 


Also, the .30 caliber machine guns and MG42'S should be fixed weapon emplacements, not fired from the hip as you run around and jump with them. But if I had to chose one of the two, I really hope it's just iron sights down the line for all weapons (except for the sniper rifles of course).

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