What Activision needs to do in future COD games to keep it alive

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    I actually think after all these years activision has no idea what they are doing. Single player campaign is backwards this is 2019 tech is at full throttle and the past shows what people like. The best COD was World at War if im not mistaken, that was the first zombies which is and will always be a hit but it also had coop campaign do they not know people love that do they even look at past sells are do they just sit in their office and think what can we do to make the game a pain, why would you go away from a winning format. I think they really need to look at the past and start with the best sellers and see why. When you can hop on a game with your friend and play campaign and finish the game with a friend it's the perfect set up for multiplayer, you all get to the point where you are a team doesn't matter if your bad are good it's fun and that's what they are missing, making it fun. When there is no coop campaign it makes the game all about competition instead of fun and that's where the mod joysticks come in hacks and all the other things to make you feel like the best and fun is no longer a option so what happens well you start to play zombies and only zombies now multiplayer is full of hacked modded joystick players who really care about kills and death ratio as opposed to telling your buddy we had a blast you getting on the game tonight. COD if you listen and read this try to put a killer campaign coop in a game one time with a killer zombies and all the normal multiplayer modes, free for all team death match etc. Add a few future specs to the game that seem to be liked just to give it that 2019 future feel maybe a few of the latest guns a few killer perks but dont' go over board just enough to keep it fresh and watch what happens but 1st and foremost a huge and elaborate coop campaign and you will realize what people want, just to give you a little insight on single player coop, what happens is you don't gain new users you lose players and make them look for comp that offers what you use to have and that is your fault completely stats don't lie go back look at your biggest sellers and stick to the script only add never subtract.
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