Why do people hate Campers?

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Depends on the type of camper.


I play mostly Dom.

People that camp as back as possible. No line of sight flag etc. I don't like them.

People that camp near b when folding a or c.and b. To protect and not spawn camp they play objective.

And some maps it will be spawn trapping. Use Texas for example.


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@qdog1963 wrote:

Just thought I would ask this because for years and years I’ve actually had this question.  I’m actually asking as a serious question.

The broad range the Human Condition (as it applies to video games in particular) has people in it that are so self absorbed with their game playing prowess and so high on self accolade that they think they are playing the game the ONLY way it should be played.  They think everyone who is not playing it that way is wrong in their approach.  Throw in a playstyle that, in their mind, is the worst possible example of how NOT to play the game and their heads explode.  The proof of this is evident in most post game lobby conversations.  It conveys a mental disconnect in my opinion.   


 Also why would you purposely kill a teammate who is camping?  Seriously just asking.  I’ve had people completely lose their as&!t on the mics because an enemy or even a teammate is camping.

Consider it part of the mental disconnect.  It's the only "physical" way they can show their utter displeasure that you "aren't doing it right".  They are trying to teach you a lesson and since you aren't actually in the room with them they can't throw their controller at you or scream vulgarities at you they do the only thing they can do.  Attack you in the game.  That'll teach ya!  Total disconnect...   


That, or, they are just plain A-holes.  Most likely a combo...


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Omg!!  Lol. I swear, I basically said the same thing the other night.

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A lot of people hate campers because they get killed by campers. These people run around like a headless chicken and boom...killed by a camper.


Other people hate campers because it's the "in thing" a lot of people are sheeps and play how others tell them the game should be played, campers have their own mind and play how they feel they should play.


Campers if they are good can be hard to kill and then people get the broken pride problem. They have just been killed 3 times by some person sat there doing nothing, they kill, they move a few steps away and kill again, easily out thinking their opponent, rinse and repeat. This breaks a person's pride and ego these days along with their so precious KDR


No one wants to change up their gameplay to actually kill a camper they expect what they are doing to be an automatic kill and everyone should be running around in the open.


Campers in Objective games like Domination are the sort of people you want on your team, they'll cap, camp and then defend.


I have been on both sides of the camping game. I have camped and realised how easy it is to keep stacking the kills. I have my scorestreaks as UAV, Glide Rocket and Fighter Pilot, simply because I play Hardcore and these are the safets streaks. I have stacked these twice just by camping with some S-mines (995 kills with them). The minute someone gets annoyed it gets easier to kill, once someone steps back and thinks a bit about how to get me out of my little cubby hole.. then I am very often on the losing end of the fight, A few stun grenades later I am dead Ihave also been on the other end when a camper is dug in deep and has killed me twice, it's annoying if you can't get to him easily but it's also a challenge and then it's my turn to change tactics..it's how it's supposed to be...Right?


Being camper gives you knowledge on how to kill a camper. Too many people have to win at everything they do to feel special.

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If you repeatedly get killed by the same guy sat in the same corner then your bad nothing else.


If you know q guys camping either throw satchel charges at him or just don't go that way it's simple, I never die to a camper more than once, they might kill me the first time and after that they won't because I know where they are so they are now an easy kill.

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Im guessing campers are hated because while being frowned upon its pretty ***** effective to do, why run around and risk your neck when you can get people to come to you,Just gotta use smoke or blow them up, unless someones really dug in then just avoid them 

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I’ll probably get flamed for this but here goes.  So here’s my perspective, I’ve been playing for years now (not well but playing).  I remember back in the day when we had dedicated server lists that you could choose from most had it where if you camped you were kicked.  It was basically considered a puss way to play.  That’s where I come from with this topic, playing for so many years where campers were considered annoying, etc.  Maybe it’s an old school player mindset but it’s where I am and maybe where those who do have an issue with campers are coming from as well.

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Yeah Mhardy, I remember those day.  My team uses several different styles. We’ll camp for a while then move around a bit.  It just all depends.  But I will say we camp about 70% of the time.  But we don’t do what’s called Corner camping and you may find this hard to believe but if say a couple of us are camping and realize the spawns have flipped, we beat feet out of there.  No one should be camping in the other teams spawn.  Overall I just try to adapt.  

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In domination camping is pretty much key to winning.. It is stupid to cap a dom point then run off to let the enemy just take it right back or to push into thier spawn take their dom point they will just havee it back in a few seconds.

I hate being in lobbies where the kiddies are flipping spawns  like this..

I get frustrated set up a couple mines and just watch them run back and forth like ping pong balls. ..

In the meantime i get kills and hold lanes down and protect the dom I'm near. 


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You’re not the only one to say it so I hope this isn’t partly just some generational thing, though it does sound like some stereotypical millennial bull****.
Corner camping and only running incendiary rounds are **ssyass ways to play. Folks need to realise that you ain’t good at the game if you’re only good at doing those things, and you ain’t gonna get better if you just keep doing that.
As a fact, the pros didn’t get good by just corner camping and using incendiary rounds 😂

Objective based camping is fair and realistic. Long-range overwatch work done with LMGs and sniper rifles is respectable as those are the intended purposes of the weapons, and keeping hold of a point does take skill.
The subject can justify it so long as they aren’t sh*** at running and gunning. It’s like how Picasso and other abstract artists justify themselves as good painters because they could paint realistically well (or very well). If they couldn’t some folks would brand their work as poor, fluky scrap.

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