Why do people hate Campers?

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Because outside of taking and defending objectives or sniping, camping requires little to no skill and goes against the old school FPS game design. After all, all of these games were designed off of the quake engine and ment to be played at a fast pace matching your aim and reflexes against others in a split second. While over the years CoD and other military shooters have evolved and given us things like ADS, prone, and kneeling positions, it is intended to be competitive and exciting while camping is the opposite. At the end of the day, enjoy the game and play to have fun. 

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As long as they are ptfo let them hate away.

i use all styles of play and will c9 tinge to do so.

i freely admit that I camp and if you know where I am at and still can’t get me that is on you 100%.

Saw these cheesy replies that camping is the only style that effects other smh, saw where they are called lesser players smh again. People feel that they should be able to run around in a fps freely without checking corners or other strategic spots lmao. 

I freely admit that my twitch reflexes aren’t what they used to be and I will play more strategically and get those people mad. It’s called adapting and if you can’t adapt to multiple styles again that is on you.

What makes it even better is the hate mail and when you check the stats of the sender they usually have a neg kd and neg wl - keep in mind I’m mostly play tdm so kd is important. Also usually he person that sends it has 10 or so less kills and 10 more deaths that I had, so comical.

oh and I can run and gun too funny part is I get more hate mail for camping while I am in full run and gun mode.

people that complain about campers just can’t accpet that someone got the better of them and need an excuse. You don’t get t run around a map freely without checking your blind spots give me a break.

Since I do play multiple styles it makes me more effective when going against a camper 🤪.

Funny how they keep coming back to complaining about campers rather that the mindless person running the same route and dying in the same spot over and over.

Of course one of the dumbest hate mails is the 1v1 me I get a kick out of these to.

If I am camping the best way to make me stop is to get me, and if you can’t well just keep calling in that waaaaaahmbulance that you have on speed dial.  

To the OP my comments are not directed at you but those that feel they can tell me how to play especially those that have a crap win loss and neg kd on tdm. 

Objective games that is another discussion as the objective always takes priority. Sometimes t calls for defending others it calls for attacking, 

Getting someone mad in tdm can be strategic they can get the urge that they have to get you and next thing you know they have come back 12 times in a row to die in the same spot yet they call you bad lmao.

The good run and gunners that end up on my team usually do better cause they know I will have part of a map locked down so they don’t need to worry about it and spawn is then somewhat controlled - again this shows a better understanding of the game and how different styles work. Those that don’t complain about multiple styles get this and others just 🤯🤬🤯🤬🤯🤬🤯🤬.

Either way at the end of the day don’t worry about it have fun and ptfo. My collection of hate mail is a fun read and then match them up to thier stats makes it even better. 


have yourself a good one 😎


edit: if I am camping and someone is able to make me stop and change my style I do give them full credit. 


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