Why does the site keep prompting me to register my account?

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I keep trying to naviage the site, post and respond to people and edit my account information but the site keeps telling me i am missing important information and then prompts me to add it. When i submit the form it gives me an error message and then directs me to a fresh page where I am logged out. Then, if I go to log in again, it prompts me to redo the registration info again and the vicious cycle continues.

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Hey there, 

Sorry to hear you are running into those issues. How did you get past all of that in order to actual post messages? Or is that only happening if you go through the account information process and you have the choice to ignore that? I wanted to reach out to ask why and how you have no username, but let me know some more about all of that so I can check into it. Thanks for reaching out in the first place. 



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