Why isn't call of duty ww2 historically accurate?

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The first thing that came to mind in call of duty was the Stuka, i really would like to see the stuka in call of duty ww2.

I watched the trailer and, i was amazed from it, But then i  started analyzing every detail:gh.png


What is this?

Well i see a JU-87 B-2 with a pair of bordkanone cannons that shoot at about 320 rpm Smiley Frustrated



A JU-87 B-2 never carried a bordkanone, and the bordkanone shoots at about 160 rpm. C'mon dude!


And why do i care?

Because I did not play a good game since the last decade Smiley Sad

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It's a video game....

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Reminds me of Tora Tora Tora.

I though the guns on the planes for WW2 were either behind the propeller or in the wings as shown in the old movies of 1950 or 1960 like Pearl Harbor and not mounted below the wings of a plane.
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Also, the JU-87 G-2's were fitted for Bordkanone. They weren't used much, but they were a late development to answer Soviet Armor.
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Also, didn't the Stuka have a cannon through the middle of the prop (throgh the middle of the nose cone)? Or was the ME 209 or whatever......

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No, you're confusing with another plane

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That's a dang cool picture!  All I know is I see that thing comin' at me I'm not going to look close enough to it to determine if it's supposed to have guns like that or not.  I'm crapping my pants...


Plus, it's a cartoon plane in a cartoon video game.  It's only gonna be SO accurate.  I think the graphics are wonderful! 


After reading all the "It's not 100% accurate" threads like this I'm glad they didn't show an ME-262 flying over the "Desert Fox" on a North African Battlefield.  Some people's heads would have exploded.  Never would get THAT Genie back in the bottle...



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