Why would you release a game that already has so many faults

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Seriously Sledgehammer on launch day for a new game that's suppose to be so big and was hyped up for months there should be no faults and we should be able to play with ease and relaxation but no half the time I try to find a game it says lost connection to host or it says error f______x___457code and also did I mention that the extra stuff like the divisions pack, the 1100 cod points and the zombies skins are no where to be found I uninstalled and even reinstalled which is something I shouldn't have to do on my first day playing the game like really I was so excited for this game and had high expectations for a company that's been making games for years but no there's is so many faults that it' just makes the game unplayable and not fun. Please fix this soon or this game is not gonna have as many sales as you guys think this is vs


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