Will Viktor Reznov comeback to WWII?

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I was wondering if there was any talk about the antagonist from Call of Duty: World at War joining us in WWII?  

Maybe Gary Oldman would be a Voice Over for the Multiplayer as his character played a big role set in the WW2 genre, as well the Call of Duty: Black ops Campaign.

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I'm guessing you didn't watch the reveal?

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So there's not going to be a back story, no stalingrad, no Reznov?

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@Bluslinky wrote:

So there's not going to be a back story, no stalingrad, no Reznov?

the game is a historical representation of ww2 not a fictious made up cod story 

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Well, the reveil didn't get into ANY real details at all. The Co-op campaign seemed to be held close to the devs chest, so they may be hiding some cool feature like maybe a different or extended campaign. Not sure. Just seemed odd. 


Not sure about Reznov. Remeber that Treyarch has different writers for there story's than Sledghammer. Plus Sledghammer is the "newer" dev for CoD so they want to be different. This would mean that the Black ops stories won't mingle with the new CoD story. 

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Why would a character from a different storyline from a different developer appear in this title?


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