Zombies mystery? ARG? classified?

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I don't see a lot of talk about this Zombies mystery/ARG.


People have unlocked the first clues, but there's got to be more going on with it.


there are a few sites that have the story





Also if you look on the outside of the folder there are 4 different signatures?


another thing is a blood stain on the inside of the folder seeped through on to the front


The second name is most likely Nick


if you want to know more about the photos


the legend part is likely what they are building on



the Nazi theft is likely tied into this


A wild guess here, but the pictures are the same guy, the Germans dug up Frederick who's cursed/immortal (and ends up a Boss/Big Bad Guy) or something and Zombies happen?

On the other hand Maybe he is dead, but remains body have some sort of power and the Germans used them in a unholy experiment and Zombies happen?


Oh and there is a reddit about this, but as of right now reddit is down? 3:07 am EST

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