something broken in match making

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For the last week or so this game's match making has been consistently placing me on the team predetermined loose while getting decimated in the process. Here are tonight's examples. The first match of Ground War War just gave me a team of 5 new players that haven't reached 55 yet and had little to no ability to do anything. The second match was almost normal if you ingnore lag that had me getting melted and my bullets not register 50% of the time, then half time came and my team ended up in a 5 v 9 like this game has a vendetta against me. Another example was the other night on Intercept in a rare moment where I was playing out of my mind heroics I pushed the tank back from the last inches to just about the bend up the hill while killing a just about the whole other team twice and wouldn't you know this trash on my side couldn't hold it.

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Stay out of games where parties are involved if you're a solo player.


That totally screws up teambalance. Because the party is on one side all the others are on your side. So if the party is half decent, the crappy players are all your side. I can't even count anymore how many TDM games I have lost where I was leading my own team with something like 22-10 or 28-5 or whatever and all the others were simply negative.


Plus. There is still debate if SBMM is in the game or not. But if you party up with players that are noticably worse then you, and leave them to be party host you get much easier lobbies.

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