stats got reset by a glitch in black ops 3

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how can i get this fixed? i was playing black ops 3 on my xbox 360 and during a round of team deathmatch, i was faced with a glitch that said i was disconnected from the host. a few secconds of loading go by and there i am, level one, no items, and after 2 years of progress and a gold krm 262, it was gone in the blink of an eye.

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Wrong forum.


It was probably not a glitch, Although I hope it was. Contact activision support and be nice to them when they tell you they can't resolve your problem.


Based on my experience with another COD, I'd recommend checking your stats. Primarily your kills and your deaths. 


On Ghosts, a modder could host a lobby that would automatically kick and derank you, with an added bonus of 8,888,888 deaths tacked onto your stats. Two available options are to rank back up to master prestige, then reset again; or find a modder and request they prestige you. 

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