***** you Activision!!!!!!!!

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***** your Organization! your support group! design team! *****ing everything that has any *****ing connection to you! I will spread the word to not purchase your *****ing games! Today I will stand outside of my nearest gamestop and inform every customer that COD WW2 is garbage! A game that cannot even be played, do to the constant loading screens and errors! You've had 2 days to fix this problem, yet nothing has changed! 

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As a loosely associated non-Activision employee, but member of Activision's support- I take offense to that. Are you expecting us to give you answers that we don't currently have? When Activision pinpoints the problem, more support will be aware as to how to solve them. Coming here spitting vitriol and denegrating comments helps no one: not you, Activision, not me or any other support helpers. 

Try using a common sense, nice, approach unless you want to be treated the same way.

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The problem is obvious.

After a decade, they still can't/don't do any proper load testing before going live.  Then it's a mass scramble to bring more server capacity online during the first week after launch.  Even after they know pre-order numbers they still can't, or don't, bump up server capacity beforehand.


It's accountants pulling the strings.  Why bother having excess capacity on launch and zero problems, when you can take the money and just increase capacity after launch to a level where the problems are minimal.

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You don't seem to appreciate the subtlety and depth of detail provided by the OP. Have some compassion and understanding.
the cake is a lie. the cake is a lie. the cake is a LIE.
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Two days? Seems like they should have had months to fix these issues before launch. Shouldn't have a completely unplayable game on launch. This game is complete garbage

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They destroyed Destiny 2, so i came here. I see they screwed this game up too.

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Yea seems they are good in such things.

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no *****, the new online game play is like a sick joke, did your design crew really make a crappy knock off of battlefeild? despite the predictable server failures on every release date all the other call of dutys where user friendly and pretty strait forward with erganomical weapons that fit the game play. This new one is just... its just *****ing retarded. wtf am i running around a lobby in 3rd person view in a dedicated 1st person shooter brand, how the ***** do i mute those obnoxiouse turds that play music too loud over ther *****ing head sets? none of this makes since, none of it is fun in the least, and i can honestly find no redeemable qualitys to this game. i want my money back. i guess if i want to kill nazi's im gona have to go buy wolfenstein.

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Just go to the callofduty.com/wwii/status for updates.  Everything is in the green.  Nothing for them to fix.

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And, OP, nobody cares what you think.  They will buy the game, regardless.

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