Any Gaming Router Suggestions?

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Thanks, Maccabi. I agree, the Nighthawk line of products have always seemed grossly overpriced to me as well, and I can't really justify spending that much on a router since I do play hardwired (as you mentioned). I am going to look at the ASUS router you mentioned, as well as it's software. 



can i just add as most people know on here i have had a long standing rule of not recomending specific brands ( going back to the original elagaphant posts) that i have no relationship at all with asus and never had ( given past history working for router brands), was more just a reference point of whats worth it and what def 100% isn't for gaming needs...









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Ah, no worries on my end. I didn't take it as any sort of endorsement or sales pitch, and I understood what you meant.



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I agree the price is a bit high (well timed sale landed mine on the table), I do have to serve a nice strong wifi signal through multiple walls and a few with aluminum wiring. I game wired but the rest of the house just needs a steady signal for browsing and streaming. I was also having issues with false open NAT ([bad uPNP] with my early 2000s router {lol go figure}), something that would have gotten the NH sent back for a refund, but is not an issue as its uPNP functions as intended.

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