Anyone buying recoil this Christmas season?

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I have been seeing this laser tag game called recoil.  It looks like a blast as it is COD come to life.  It even has frag gernades.  My sons and I (mostly me I think) are thinking about this as a Christmas gift.  I was wanting to see what the COD community thought about it?  Please let me know what you think.  I am a big kid and the newest toy cathes my eye and I am tired of cleaning up darts.

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Are your kids old enough to have smartphones and / or do you have a cheep supply of disposable smart phones? I think each unit has to have a phone attached to track and play.


I miss the old stand alone lasertag systems. Growing up, I met this weird kid that the other kids shunned.. I guess it was just because he was a bit small for his age and pretty nerdy but, he literally had no other friends. Turns out his parents were both well off financially and his nerdy interests and high entertainment funds landed him right in the middle of the venn diagram for lasertag sets.

When I was at his house one day and we were looking for something to do, his eyes perked up as he disappeared into his closet. Reappearing shortly after helmeted, vested and armed with a full red set of gear. "Do you like lasertag?" He asked, pointing back into his closet at a still shrink wrapped crate sized box "Im red, you can be blue.". I dont know how many sets of batteries we burned through that summer but, I know we had a hell of a good time looking like space cadets embroiled in a never ending neighborhood spanning death match game of tag.

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In my day we had these:



You could even use remote as a weapon.

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