Anyone notice how random the "Play of the Game" Bronze Star is?

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I've had several games where I've been playing TDM and Dom and I've gotten triple and fury kills yet the round ending killcam will always be a single headshot, or a double kill. Its really frusturating when I'm trying to complete the daily order, THE PLAY OF THE GAME (Earn a Play of the Game) but I just can't because its just so broken... I've had this since I started playing roughly 2 hours ago and its always the first one I pick up, and the last one I finish...


Does anyone know what is most likely to one of my actions featured?

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What the parameters are for the play of the game. No idea.

It isn't headshots or most points.

One time is was a sniper that most first shot

 Killed second shot. Enemy did a dive.

Same game I got a double headshot long shot with svt.

And for a couple of efficiency kills. Non of them where play of the game.

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