Call of duty game you love while others hated ?

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Which Call of duty game. Would you name your favorite. But other people disliked.

Mine would be Call of duty 3. Don't know what it was. But had it on the orginal xbox, got it again on the xbox 360. Once again when it went backwards on the xbox one.

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I love Infinite Warfare!!! so many people disliked that one, and I always have people giving me crap for liking it... but there are so many reasons as to why I fell in love with that one. Smiley Very Happy

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I got It the other way. l 3 advance movement cod's 

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I bought a PS3 for to play CoD 3 because it wasnt available for PC. LOL

I loved the original CoD 4, BO1 + MW2.


Started to hate IW after a patch in Feb/March.


I dont like WW2 in all kind of its existence.

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Cod Ghost, it was everything i wanted for a Cod Game and i really want a second one.

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I actually had fun playing CoD: Advanced Warfare and is currently having fun playing WW2.

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MW3 and IW . MW3 got lots of stick when it came out but for me is my second favourite cod in the franchise behind MW2. IW just because I didn't think I would like it but enjoyed it a lot, although now I can't play it as I'm burned out on it.
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I loved Ghosts & AW, the Black ops being one of the best franchises in history, along with MW, i tend to choose the underdogs. i guess sort of a hipster thing, honestly wether its mediocre or amazing i buy COD every year.

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For me bring back MW3 in a newly updated version & I'll be playing it non-stop !

AW was also a good game, since it was only advance jumping/sliding. while other games after that allowed more.

I don't see myself buying BO4, its to a point I've had enough of COD BS for online MP & their ways.

I'll look elsewhere for my next game to play, & if by chance I don't find it then maybe & I stress MAYBE I might buy BO4 at the last minute the day before its released !

if I find nothing else that interest's me for a game.heir ways

Though theres some RTS games coming out, which is old school & I'm a fan of, I might just say F COD because of their ways 7 go back to RTS games.

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Ghosts, everyone slated it but I had great fun on it and met most of the people I play with today on there.
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