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I noticed that ever since Black Ops 2 you haven't been able to put your emblem on your gun. It was the only reason myself and many other people cared to prestige my weapon, it made it feel actually important and personalized. Now even with this game which I was hoping would have it this time only has the kill counter and clan tag. I would like to know why this has stopped as it is a sore disappointment and renders weapon prestige not worth it to many of us. As well as if this will be put back into WW2

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There is a paint job option witch is not available yet. In time you can place all your designs on your weapon is my geuss. 

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A clear sign that the game isn't finished yet

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Could be and I am not on the defending side at all cost because they are messing this up for real, it all takes too long, but: in IW there were also some options that didn't work from the start and some still don't work. It could also be some marketing thing that they tease us with some stuff to come. Like everybody knows gun game is coming but they keep it for a couple of weeks/months to keep the game refreshing.

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