Gun Thread - What Guns Have You Shot in Real Life?

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As avid FPS gamers many of us probably have some sort of interest in the weapons we shoot in Battlefield Call of Duty Rainbow Six etc. Whether its the history of the rifle or just how it shoots I think we all have ssome sort of firearms interest whether or not we've actually shot a gun. So I'm curious, who iyt there in the (Call of Duty) community has actually shot a rifle/pistol/firearm and what was it?

Myself Ive shot quite a few:

Winchester Model 88
Various .22lr
Ruger LCP
Ruger Mk I and IV
H&R Model 732
Heritage Rough Rider .22lr
Single Barrel 20g Shotgun (c. 1937-41)
S&W M&P Shield

What about you all? - Taking a look at the history behind the games we play
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Just some that I remember:


S&W model 19

S&W model 629

Glock 19

Glock 34

Colt 1911

Ruger SR-1911 10mm auto

Beretta 92FS

IMI Uzi full auto

Colt M16A1

Colt M16A2

Colt M4 5.56x45

Colt M4 .22lr

AK-101 full auto

Remington 870

CZ 452 .22lr

Accuracy International AX338



Shooting the Uzi and AK in full automatic mode was fun. When you compare the in game recoil mechanic with the real thing the physics behind it is actually quite accurate.


I actually enjoy shooting the small stuff most I think, the .22lr guns. The high power weapons are nice but they can be a handfull in the way that you need hearing protection and for the rifles you need a bit of protective clothing. I shot a box of shells through that Remington 870 wearing just a shirt and my shoulder was blue for 2 days. The .22lr stuff is easy going and cheap to shoot. For some short range shooting it doesn't need to be so hefty.


For pistols I enjoy the 1911 variants, the Glocks less. I don't know what it is with the Glock guns but I am all over the place with them. Wether it's the trigger, sights or grip or whatever. 


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I´m a noob. Just German G3, M16, some pistols in my Army time. Smiley Tongue

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None. When I wanted to join the army they didn't have a job. But they did advertise all over the place.

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dtuchpunk schrieb:

None. When I wanted to join the army they didn't have a job. But they did advertise all over the place.

Dam. I wont miss my Army time in any way. Never was more drunken before than there. Smiley Tongue

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Guns that I have:

Sako 85 S

Finn Classic 512S


Other guns that I have shot:

Sako 62RK


SVT- 40

Sotilaskivääri m/39 (Finnish WW2 variant of Mosin Nagant.)

Few different pistols and revolvers.

Plenty of other hunting rifles and shotguns.

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Glock, P90 and a couple shotguns. I'm from the UK so only been to a range in the U.S once. Hopefully I will go again when I go over at Xmas.
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I know I covered this is an old thread that was, more or less, asking this exact same question, but I'll answer it again. My gun experience is very, very limited thanks to experiencing shooting a 30-ought-6, or "thirty-ott-six", when my buddy thought it would be funny to see. It was not funny, hurt like hell (I played baseball, and this thing made me unable to throw for 3 days), and made me want to punch my friend in the face.

First: I'm in Indiana. There is nothing in Indiana that requires a 30 Ott six to take down. Using a 30 Ott six for anything in Indiana is kind of like calling the fire department, having them connect a hose to the fire hydrant, just to put out your cigarette: It's overkill.

Second: Prior to this, by maybe a week, I had shot some kind of shotgun, a .22 rifle, and some other dumb thing. All at the range with my buddy. So, screw my "buddy" for thinking a thirty Ott six would be a fun experience. 


However, and in keeping up with things I've done in real life that I have done in CoD, I've thrown quite a few smoke bombs😀 Well, not so much smoke bombs, but those crappy fireworks for the Fourth of July that do nothing but smoke. Those count, right? 

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If we can list some other stuff then also hand grenades, smoke grenades, 10kg AT mines, C4,122mm rockets

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I've only been to the gun range once with my Uncle (Korean War Vet). He had a couple pistols I shot. One was an old revolver and the other more modern. I wish he was still alive to ask him and do it again. He was a big John Wayne and Clint Eastwood fan. Smiley Happy

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