I have an idea for a Rocket off Ww2

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Best  Infinity ward,


I have an idea for in to the killstreak.

Into Call of Duty ww2 is the V2.


But the V1 is too cool right?


Ok this is my idea.

The V1 must the kill streak off 18.

It is a Nazi kill streak.

But you can only use him if you are the max level.

If the V1 is on the cround than is there a potion that kill players.


You can louns him with a call.

Than your a the pilot of the V1 airplane. 

than you can locate him.


This is my idea i hope than you gona use him.

have a nice day.


(Srry my english is bad)




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The worst thing in Call of Duty right now is all of the Nazi loyalists already present that think it is cool to make their emblem a swastika. 

The 2nd worst thing would be to incorporate potions. If potions ever make it into the game, the dragons, Gremlins, elves, and magical pixies won't be far behind. 

So, I too, say "Nope".

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Yeay but i say this that the V1 is a real nazi weapon that use in world war 2

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