MW2 Backwards Compatible/Remaster possible

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MW2 Backwards Compatible/Remaster possible

I might not be posting this thread in the right section but I have a question and hopefully the community can help me.

I'm a huge fan of COD MW2 and most of you are as well, I was wondering if anyone from the community or anyone at activision knows if the game have a remaster anytime soon or either a backwards compatible title. On the xbox voting forum MW2 is the top voted game to be backward compatible with over 190,000 votes from the community.


Thank you.

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Re: MW2 Backwards Compatible/Remaster possible

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It will be soon but they don’t want to release it on Xbox one because it would make their sells drop a huge amount . It sucks but that’s the way it is they stopped caring about their players an more about money forgetting customers are always right .. we want MW2 & MW3 that’s when COD was at its prime .!

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Re: MW2 Backwards Compatible/Remaster possible

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MW2 and MW3 were the best Cods. i prefer MW3 but i would totally like to see both BC and maybe remastered.

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