Multiplayer idea? Division Mobility Trait?

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Does anyone notice a difference on "Division's player mobility"? i'm not talking about how fast you run; but your movement from how you hold your selected gun when running appears slightly catagorized with the Division of choice. For instance my most desired Division that suits me best is "Airborne" by prefrence. Although completing a camo challenge came into play when i had to develop cetain amount of kills for that gun using a Division outside of my own. So i went with "infrantry". i noticed the "sway" while running your carried weapon has changed. i don't know if Activision purposely made this change in the last update or something. it would be cool if they made a "player characteristic trait" within your specialized Division giving you the prefrence from how you would typically like to see your weapon carried while running and moving. - ActMotivation 👌 

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Airborne can hipfire whillest running other can't unless you use a perk.

That's why it's different 

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