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Can someone try to figure out what this sens is on the full game. when i played the beta my shot was insane with this sens and i just wanna knowCapture.PNG

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What are you asking, exactly? 

If you are asking what the "best" sensitivity is, the answer is: "whatever works best for you." If you are worried that finding your perfect senstivity will negatively affect your K/D, set up a custom game and try out various sensitivities. 

Remember, what works for one may be horrible for another. Higher/Lower senstivities are not indicative of skill levels, either. 


Edit: I'm on my laptop, and can not see your picture. Even "inspect element" isn't showing me what it is you are trying to show us. Can you tell us what is in the picture for those of us who can not see it?

Edit#2: Try saving the file as a .jpeg, or .jpg file instead of the .png file, and try uploading the .jpeg or .jpg version of the file. 

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