Something needs to be said...

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Something needs to be said...

To start; I have played call of duty since MW. I have not missed a single cod release. Completed campaigns, and max prestige ranging from 10th to 25th.



Heres the thing,

We have come from boots on the ground games such as W@W and MW and the BOPs. We have even come from numerous jet pack games. We have had fun with previous call of duties, that were truly innovative. (NOT just talking about the jet packers).


How is this game the best selling game of the year?

How do we jump from fully customizable characters? Whenever we get into a certain map, our “custom” heroic skins default...why haven’t we gotten anything truly customizable? 


Instead we get harassed buy the duplicated that you encourage us to buy to receive “exclusive skins” that we never actually get. Instead, we get duplicates of the same heroic stuff... it’s bs... and... and... and...keep in mind that the axis skins are restricted to axis sides? You can only use the heroic axis skin on the access side?!?! What?!?!?


the whole “microtransaction” and making money is great, but once again, we need to pay more money for the ugliest skins ever designed... I mean come on... a chrome skin... really... “lackluster”...


lets talk all about the worst servers ever designed from a direct reskin of COD AW... this game is nothing but the afterbirth of AW...


this is game in closing, is the worst game ever designed, the worst game ever produced, it’s completely backwards, we went backwards in time. Call of duty W@W was more fun than this hunk-a chunk-a block-a “Sh*z”


AW needs to close shop, and never touch this series ever again. Leave Black ops and infinity ward to do their parts, 2 year cycle... 







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Re: Something needs to be said...

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I never have, and never will, understand why anybody cares about customizing something they will never see if they are playing the game. The way my character looks, when I customize it, I have no way of knowing if that's what it looks like to anybody else. Even in the HQ, I don't know if my player looks how I want (honestly, I don't care either) to others who see my. 


Why do people care so much about things that have absolutely no bearing on gameplay. It all seems kind of ridiculous to me. 


PS: SHG = WW2, Treyarch = Black Ops series. 


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Betreff: Something needs to be said...

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Well, I only can say I agree with everything you said. WW2 = worst CoD ever besides CoD AW made by SHG as well.

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Re: Something needs to be said...

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I agree. It would be nice mid there was a way to receive CoD points without having to buy them. 
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Re: Something needs to be said...

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I have a love-hate relationship with the game. I have played these types of games since the very first Counter Strike games. I've been them evolve, take steps backwards, then evolve again. At first the whole 'futuristic' aspects that were added were fun, but they quickly got out of hand and unlikable.

Some of the Pro's that I do like with WWII is 'boots on the ground', the graphics are rather incredible IMO, the seasonal changes to keep it fresh/interesting, and (when it works) the headquarters features. None of these are perfect, but I do believe it is a step in the right direction. 

Some of the Con's would be the servers, lack of fixing bugs in a timely manor, bugs that re-appear, 3-lane maps, 3-lane maps, 3-lane maps, having supply drops being entirely too few and far between for good drops. For someone who likes customization, unlike some that don't, I am shocked at the lack of customizations of a characters face, body, hair, paint, etc. 

Everyone has a different opinion on this, but these are my main pros and cons....

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Re: Something needs to be said...

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Freedom of choice in this game, I'm locked to divisions I don't want for one perk. Mediocre game at best. Score streaks that are boring, maps I see are yes 3 lane maps with 9 bad maps. You can tell they didn't have a lot of time for this game but SHG hasn't put out any games I've liked so I know what I'm getting from now on.
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Re: Something needs to be said...

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I agree that SH should give up completely, but I am not that bothered about customisation tbh.
The base game apect should come first.
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Re: Something needs to be said...

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They tried I guess I'll give them that but if they are going to make divisions for a run n gun division, sniper division and so on. I think you need to add suppressor with dead silence for stealth division , or longer sprint with quick draw or extended mags for run n gun, just something that would fit but they seem to be random in divisions like come on guys do you even play the game. But honestly I think activision gave them a shorter time span to make this game last minute which is why we got what we got. I don't think we'll ever know unless some disgruntled member of SHG's spills the beans on when they were given the marching orders to make ww2. Its known that SHG was geared for aw2 but how long did they actually spend making it. I think condrey got the vp job to be quiet like a hush money position.
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