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i dont know how to start and what to say about the future of cod,but i feel so betrayed with those guys. why i am saying that? is because their dicesion to sell the new Zombies DLC and MW remastered DLC especially to season pass owners.  i am asking u,why that? when u buy a game with season pass everything is free for the specific game....all your actions should be beneficiall to the players and to the community..who cares about ur failure with IW  you messed up with the game, its not our fault..i really erase IW and MW remastered from my ps4 in order to have space,(it was digital edition),  old games r always old and  boring....i really regret buying it in digital form because i cant sell it even for something or to change with something else... I was playing COD until IW came out,i really tried playing it sometimes but then i quit...i still play other FPS games with better marketing approach for the gamers and more options to choose what to buy and what not...with the new COD WWII hear what i am going to do, i m going to hire it frist and if i like it i would buy, no trust to you guys any more..Maybe you wiil some my post and consider a few things because you will be remembered for your good games.

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What does this have to do with COD WWII?
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U r right... there is nothing to do with WWII..but it has to do with COD which is the same for me and for most of us, It also has to do with the affect of bying WWII maybe i should had written it in both forums (IW and WWII), sorry about this. I hope WWII make COD great again.just keep in mind:your marketing approach to gamers and your fan base (season pass owners has access to all dlc's) for us is just gaming account not a banking account. I really wanna get my hands back in COD, i hope it happens with WWII.

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Hey we live in a capitalistic world

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dtuchpunk is right. The best way to solve the problems you have against companies such as this is to stop buying the product. Better yet, buy the competitors product. Even better yet, have all your friends buy the competitors product. May I suggest...Heroes & Generals? Smiley Happy



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While I would love for "all" dlc to be free or at least included in the season pass... I didn't feel taken advantage of or didn't receive the value with the money I did spend.


BO3 had a massive amount of content between campaign, multi, and zombies. The Zombie Chronicles dlc was above and beyond a game that already had more content than most on the market. So I had no trouble parting with $30 to play those amazing maps again in next gen quality with gobblegums.


It would have been a nice gesture to have the Variety pack included with MWR regardless if players had the IW Season Pass or not. The thing is... that's not how it was advertised and players were told what was included. At first, it was just the campaign and 10 multi maps. Then they announced all original 16 maps would become available by December, which is what happened.


Once again, paying $15 to play Chinatown, Broadcast, Creek, and Killhouse didn't bother me much at all. Especially since the price of MWR was small considering it was bundled. I do wish it was included because it seems a lot of players were ticked off and didn't pay which must have had some impact on the player pool.


So like I said, I like free stuff but the value was there for me. And ATVI was upfront with what we would be receiving with the purchase.

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