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I am master prestige level 139 have chrome unlocked and the only thing I really wanted was the BAR Dude up II  chromed out and just to play this game to kill time and now I can’t even get this weapon again?????  I have played all the call of duty games and this game by sledgehammer has to be by far the worst with all the problems they have created in this game it’s completely ridiculous and to take hardcore  ricochet out is beyond me if I had a nickel for every time I got team Killed I’d be rich... I WILL NEVER BUY A CALL OF DUTY MADE BY SLEDGEHAMMER GAMES EVER AGAIN  #THEPEOPLEAREPISSED  INCLUDING ME 

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Hard core richocet isn't Hardcore.


You need to adepth to Hardcore hardcore not to you.




Missing weapons. You need to be lucky

Roll the dice. Life is a gamble
GRaS is OP. Green Stars are OP
SaND get's everywhere
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The car in HQ is missing now, but the contour where he stands is climbable. LOL

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