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Not sure how this happened, but I woke up last Thursday with a maatted up left eye. Didn't think too much of it and took my contacts out. By Sunday, I was blind. Went to the eye Dr on Monday, was told to come back the following morning, where the original Drs wife discovered I still had half of a contact in my left eye.

Now, a week later, I can finally see, but hurt like hell. (Go ahead language filter; edit that out- it still hurt like hel.)

So, ive been doing eye drops around the clock for a week, and it's. Been downgraded to an 8mm abrasive ulcer, and I've been given a 65 percent chance of fully recovering my vision.


How's everyone else been, lol?

I wonder if the pain is worse or not than broken tooth. And nerf exposed.

Happend Saturday end afternoon Monday to dentist.

Could not eat, drink and even breath throw mouth.

1 of the 2 worsed pains I've had.


Other one was right feet. Both sides and top pieces of nine ripped off. Where muscles attach.


That was worse than normal broken bones.

Broken both wrists and right collar bone twice.


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Re: Want to know pain?

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@dtuchpunk I'll admit, I think tooth pain is a lot more severe than this eye related pain. I feel you on the whole exposed nerve, broken tooth issue. The only tooth I ever had actually "break" did so on a Saturday morning. When the hell else would it happen seeing as how my Indiana county doesn't have a single "24 hour dentistry" service within 120 miles.


I like how you casually state, "the normal broken bones", lol. I played sports my entire life, including a couple of years out of college, and never had a single broken bone. Then, all at once, my entire back took a giant crap on me and gave out.

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Betreff: Want to know pain?

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This reminds on this...


al bundy GIF


...just joking. Smiley Happy

My friend I hope everything gets fine again and you recover fully !!!

Have some things going on as well right now....would take to long to tell...Get good soon again my friend.

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Betreff: Want to know pain?

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Thank you my friend, and I hate to hear that you've got some stuff going on as well. Feel free to shoot me a message over on the PSN app- I'd love to hear all about it, if for no other reason than to be an ear to let you complain to. 

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