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Cod Zombies on Infinate warfare and Block ops 3 + MW remastered.

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Heroes & Generals

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Trying to keep up with a bunch of games despite being very behind, but I'm currently I'm working on...

-Darkest Dungeon (PC/Steam)
-Player Battlegrounds Unknown (PC/Steam)
-Persona 5 (PS4)
-Horizon: Zero Dawn (PS4) 
-COD: Infinite Warfare (PS4) - I still play that a few times a week at least. Mixture of MP and Zombies. 

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On the Xbox One..


Infinite Warfare- Multi/Zombies/Campaign

BO3- Multi/Zombies/Campaign/Zombie Chronicles

MWR- Multi/Campaign

Sniper Elite 4- Multi/Co-op/Campaign

Hitman- Episodic Campaign

BF1- Campaign/Multi

Mafia 3- Campaign

TF2- Multi/Campaign

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3- Campaign


It's been a great year for games IMO. The season passes have also greatly increased the playability of all these games for me. Constantly changing games to keep up with the latest maps ans add-ons. Still need to do Rise of the Tomb Raider Co-op Endurance too. @bighead14701

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We'll have to Skype on phones if we do it before 7-29-2017 if we want to communicate. 😃
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Destiny 2 right now and grinding my a** out for all exotics. Smiley Tongue 3 chars now, all 280+

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Destiny 2 and America's army proving grounds. 

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And I'll be downloading Fortnite battle royal when I get home this morning for sure. It will prolly be my go to game. America's army is Ok, but it's nothing like the original. The maps are way too small now. Basically it feels like cod just a tad more realistic.

I've been watching pubG streams for months waiting for them to announce an xb1 release date. But I found Fortnite battle royal And it's basically a pubG clone, with some minor tweaks. And it's free. So it might even steal some of my cod time, hopefully.

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I'm downloading it at the moment.

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Let me know if you like it. I may be looking to play some duos or squads.  I played a few games today on ps4. It's pretty fun but I think I'm going to need a few more days to get used to the mechanics. 

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