Why do I see Campers in the World War 2 Beta?

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That is not how any of this works. 


Rushers mostly save the game in tdm because indeed the rest of his team is camping. And is being spawntrapped because they stay on the same spot and yes, eventually the enemy will spawn on that place. 


I am a rusher at moments and not because I want to be one but because I must be one. I see tdm matches end because time limit runs out alot of times because people just stay and sit still. So I am going to rush and get a 30-5 endgame with silenced mountain division just to save the game. And at that point indeed I don't care about my camp teammates getting fragged because we will still win the game instead of running out of time. 


I played a match on Gustav were both teams litterly stand across from one side of the map sniping to the other side. After 8 minutes the points weren't even over 50. At that point I go rushing yes and if Everytime I kill 3 people 1 of my teammates gets killed because they spawned behind him, he deserved it. Thats the downside of camping and as a camper you have to deal with that. 


And that is all theoretically because in practice this doesn't even happen. Most of the time if you camp you got sneaked upon by a player who walked around the map after he already saw you camping and made sure he had mountain division for silence so he can get you a nice ***** in the back of the head and at that point those campers start about the bad spawns while I just mad a detour ocross the map to kill your camping ass. That's why I love campers. They are so predictable and get you alot of points.

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Because you cry about campers in EVERY game.

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Mwr has  far more corner campers, but far far far less lag

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That wasnt really the point. Check the ops post history. It's a novel on camping in every cod since his first post.

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