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they need to make call of duty modern warfare 4 set after modern warfare 3 its been 8 yea5s since a modern warfare game has been released an over that time they have released 2 black ops black ops 2 black ops 3 an now a 3rd black ops 4 an there are other games made during this 8 year processes advanced warfare ghost ww2 these games all bomb on them self once relesed they had fans that liked them I'd didnt mind black ops to for some multiplayer maps but I mainly played zombie mobb of the dead was where it was at but these gam3s killed them self no one liked them they all sucked an went down hill from day one black ops has been over done over the last 8 years its time to bring back call of duty modern warfare an make modern warfare 4 set after modern warfare 3 ive been waiting for a modern warfare game that is supposed to be exactly like modern warfare 3 but the perks are supposed to be more advanced its still boots on the ground the weapons an gadgets more advanced as well but all in all much like modern warfare 3 why modern warfare 4 is 2018s next call of duty to be released who knows but they are going to be releasing black ops 4 in 2018 an modern warfare 4 in 2019 witch is a bad idea black ops 4 is going to kill the fan base based on leaks that are post on the internet an YouTube the whole idea black ops 4 is being developed around is car addicted waiting to happen making ble k ops 4 like over watch an having battle royal is a fall off point although bttale royle wouldn' be to bad but still a falling point all in all I personally view that call of duty should release call of duty modern warfare 4 st after modern warfare 3 come 2018 

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