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You spawn with the 3 Perks you have selected for your Class in the Menu in Create-a-Class. Whenever you stand on a dead body (team or enemy), you are able to open up a menu that allows you to either 1.Take Any Perks that you don't already have equipped, 2.Swap any Perks you want with any of your Perks you have currently, 3. Take All Perks of the dead body that you don't already have. You cant take Perks you already have equipped. Any Perks you didn't or couldn't take will remain in the dead body for someone else to scavenge, until the body disappears. It will be possible for anyone to have all the perks in the game to be equipped at once, if they manage to scavenge all of those different Perks without someone else killing them and taking the perks from their body that they didn't already have. When the player dies, he/she loses all the perks they have aquired from dead bodies, and respawn with the 3 default perks of their class. The dead body that remains will be contain all the perks that were scavenged in that body and will be available for anyone to loot before it disappears (including the same player that died and left that dead body on the ground).
This new perk scavenging feature will allow players who like to play the game more tactically to gain tactical perk advantages by playing carefully and patient and scavenging perks over time without losing them, adding new tactical elements to the game.


▪Here's an idea to combine with the Perk Scavenger idea: MAKE IT A PICK ANY 5 PERKS SYSTEM (3 Perks are very little to choose from and being able to choose ANY 5 PERKS would make the game amazingly fresh). Remove Pro perks and make every perk individual. Add the following SUPER ICONIC AND REALLY USEFUL 25 Perks to the game:
1. Quick Draw (Red)
2. Amplify (Yellow)
3. Focus (Red)
4. Ghost (Blue)
5. Stalker (Red)
6. Ninja (Yellow)
7. Camoflauge (Red)
8. Lightweight (Blue)
9. Steady Aim (Yellow)
10. Sleight of Hand (Blue)
11. Commando (Yellow)
12. Marksman (Yellow)
13. Recon (Blue)
14. Scavenger (Blue)
15. ICU (Yellow)
16. Sitrep (Yellow)
17. Scout (Red)
18. Hardened (Red)
19. Flak Jacket (Blue)
20. Tactical Mask (Yellow)
21. Blind Eye (Blue)
22. Hardwired (Yellow)
23. Marathon (Red)
24. Hardline (Red)
25. Cold Blooded (Blue)

*Quick Draw = Faster Aiming.
*Amplify = Enemy footsteps are louder (cancelled out by Ninja).
*Focus = Less flinch when shot.
*Ghost = Undetectable by enemy UAV and Advanced UAV as long as they are sprinting, planting or defusing bombs, and undetectable by heartbeat sensors.
*Stalker = Move faster while aiming.
*Ninja = Your footsteps are completely silent (cancelled out by amplify) and no falling damage.
*Camoflauge = You spawn being covered with grass foliage, and no name indicator or red crosshair when targeted.
*Lightweight = You have faster movement speed and climb obstacles faster.
*Steady Aim = Your hipfire spread accuracy is increased.
*Sleight of Hand = Increased reloading speed.
*Commando = Longer kniving distance.
*Marksman = See enemy name indicators at a longer distance.
*Recon = Enemies and enemy equipment that are damaged by your explosives/equipment/tactical equipment are painted on the minimap.
*Scavenger = You resupply ammo from dead bodies.
*ICU = Your health regenerates faster.
*Sitrep = The enemy's equipment's location is painted on your minimap, and you are immune to the Recon Perk (except your equipment is not immune to the Recon Perk).
*Scout = Your weapons have zero sway when being hold and aimed (sniper scopes included), you swap weapons faster and use equipment faster.
*Hardened = Increased weapon damage against through materials and increased weapon damage against enemy killstreaks. (Remove the FMJ attachment from the game).
*Flak Jacket = You have increased explosive resistance to enemy explosives.
*Tactical Mask = You have increased resistance to enemy tactical equipment.
*Blind Eye = Undetectable by enemy sentry guns, attack helicopters and pavelows and AI controlled killstreaks.
*Hardwired = You are immune to EMP grenades, Counter UAV's and EMP killstreaks.
*Marathon = Unlimited sprint.
*Hardline = Your killstreaks require one less kill, and every two assists you get counts as a kill to your next killstreak.
*Cold Blooded = You are invisible to thermal sights and thermal player controlled killstreaks.


This Perk Scavenger idea is intended for any CoDs released in the future. Please share your thoughts on this.

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No thanks. The game needs less random bs not more.

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Your stupidity amuses me.

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As with your other post in general discussion That says the exact same thing, no one(except you) thinks this is even a remotely good idea. So I'm not exactly worried about what you think about my intelligence, or whether it amuses you. As with most adolescents today, you're so used to participation trophies you can't accept failure.

It's not the end of the world. You had an idea, you put it out there. And it wasn't embraced by anyone. That's ok. Get back on that horse and keep trying.  

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Your scavenger idea is

1. Not balanced

2. Not fitting in a fast pace cod game


The perks with pick 5 more chance of op setups. Ghost, ninja. Camaflauge, cold blooded and scout. For example

If lighweight, flinch, commando, icu an quichdrawn. The headless chicken setup

Roll the dice. Life is a gamble
GRaS is OP. Green Stars are OP
SaND get's everywhere
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