2-17712 target window checksum mismatch error

World War II PC

Just started getting the above error.  I used stream properties and verified local files.  With no issues.  Any suggestions.  Safe mode results in the same error.

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I am getting the same error message as well.  Have you had any luck by chance in fixing the issue!?


I can't even play now because it won't load up due to this error!  Frustrating


Any help would be appreciated!

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Another one here... any info?

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Same here, any fixes?

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Same issue here but it cleared up after another steam update. Just got another update from steam and it is doing it again.
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same error any fix yet

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Yeah I am also having this issue, not a single clue as to how to fix it.  And I think this error is complete BS and honestly feel that my time should be comphensated. 


So for more information I don't play the campaign at all so this is exclusively an issue with the multiplayer side of the game and as far as I know I personally have done nothing to cause this "FATAL ERORR"  SO clearly its a failure on the server side.  I have never played any other CoD game on the principle that I hate the style of the game.  UNFORTUNATELY CoD is pretty much one of the only decent FPS's currently available, considering the free FPS's current suck so this issue is compounding my hate for CoD games.  Rant done before I write a novel.

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Ok i had this problem, soved deactivating Windows defender, try with It and with anti virus wile playing

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Any update on this issue, I have 2 gaming PC


Both i7, Window 10 64bit

1 with Gcard Gtx 180 the other Gtx 1070

ram is similar

one with SDD and other normal HDD.


The issue appears often on the 1070 with HDD, but all specs are ok.  have tried in windows format, reduce graphics, new drivers for the Gcard.


Anyother ideas?

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