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Please deal with your cheaters is getting out of hand and messing up every ones stats, making the game unplayable and not fun anymore

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Well if you are complaining about people using macros check this out...



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infested with cancer players cheater scum everywere

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I have tried to make Activision aware on all forums about the infestation of Cheaters in the Game, sadly with no reply or evidence that steps are being done to prevent this.  Cheaters spoil the fun for everyone and it seems that the Report system in the Game is there to Pacify the Gamers.  I am aware that the Companies want to make Money but it is Sad when something is advertised and not enforced!

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Unfortunately it's been like this since MW2, you buy COD you get the added bonus of people cheating.


The developers will not invest time, effort or money in developing a good anti cheat. This title has been one of the worse.


Lots of people bought this because they believed this statement from the developers

"We have yet to deploy the suite of anti-cheat/hacking technology we will use when the full PC game is live. We take a level playing field extremely serious and will monitor and react to this as a top priority on an ongoing basis."

50000+ people bought this game on the PC, the developers have our money, they're already working on the next con.


It's about time they issued a warning about cheats when advertising the game.

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Re: Cheaters

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That statement from them is the biggest bag of bullcrap I have ever seen from a developer.

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