Display Drive not updated error

World War II PC


Lately when I start the game, I get a notice that my display driver is at 17.000.000 when 18.000.000 is needed.  I purchased a driver currency product, all my drivers are current and at 18.000.etc.


The steam message comes up with the same problem, although the driver is correct.


Anybody, please help.



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Hey there, 

What kind of card do you have and what is a driver currency product? I know there were some reported issues, for other games recently, where Nvidia wasn't updating people to the latest drivers and you had to manually download the driver update from their website in order to correctly get it to the latest version. If you have some kind of control center or software for the graphics card check to confirm that it is indeed displaying as the 18.000.000 version you mentioned. 

However, let me know more about that and we'll see what might be going on. Thanks. 



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