Game Crash After DLC 1

World War II PC

Same here: W8.1 HUN, GeForce1070, 16GB. Only DLC1 Oppucation map. Near the end crahes.

Need solution ASAP! (I payed for it in advance!!!)

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I tried to verify the local file intergrity, it found nothing. Still have the issue on both computers. I was hosting a bots game and got a message complaining about too many resources (1202 > 1200?!) , right after the other computer crashed.
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Thanks for the information.


Please send me all of your PC specs as well as your Steam profile link.


I will also need a DxDiag, you can copy/paste that into pastebin, save it then send the link over to me.

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I sent you the info in a PM, when I went to look at the PM I has sent all I saw was the two links for Steam and dxdiag, none of the info I had typed so here it is again just in case

system specs Running a i7 6700K, ASUS Maximus Viii Hero motherboard with 32 GB's of 3000 Mhz RAM and a Gigabyte Aorus 1080ti all powered by an EVGA 1000W G2 power supply and shoved in a Corsair 500 R case, main hard drive is an M.2 Samsung 950 pro, Steam and game files are all on this drive, I hate to whine but it is bad enough we had to wait an extra 30 days to get the new DLC only to not be able to play it with any continuity, if you need more info just ask, I even have a fellow clan member who has also not been able to play more than two games back to back and he has basically given up

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Captura de pantalla (9).pngCaptura de pantalla (11).pngCaptura de pantalla (12).png

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Same here:


Using EVGA 1080 FTW2 . Drivers are up to date, too.

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It seems to happen to me on Occupation map only. The other two maps play just fine.

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same problem here: its either the update or the new mappack, never had this error before...

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yes, need fix


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Same issue. It happens only when a new map start


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