Game Crash After DLC 1

World War II PC

Thanks for the update Elany! Truly appreciated!

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Hey Elany

The case I was referring to is one I had opened for another error occurring regularly that once again lots of players are getting and not just on PC, but the XBox and PS4 as well, Fatal error 1 1205 case # (08123865), there is a long list of people that are

getting this error in other posts, this one has been out almost since the start of the game, I believe it started for me after one of the first patches came out, I get it at least 3 times a day, usually way more. Here is a pic from one of the 3 times it happened yesterday.  You can see the frustration in the players as from their viewpoint, in this case, because of the amount of time the problem has existed, they feel that nothing is being done.  I hate to say it but your QA testing is not up to par, I would recommend an overhaul of the current system and practices as there is a long history of failure. You seem to be one of the few that at least replies to players problems on a consistant basis so for that I greatly appreciate your concern.


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i will check the setting again and try it on the new maps. ("Screen Space Reflection" from "high" to "normal")

im still in contact with support so let hope we find a solution.

idd every body has differend rigs but myn is pretty basic these days


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and a little bit of LED  :-)


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Well we are still gettting this Dx error looks like the dev's have forgot about us. it's been over a week now and still no fix. if anyone has a fix please post it.

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just going to add my 2 cents worth.

Again just like all the others, game ran fine until the dlc content came along, and it's olny the dlc content that crashes. So I doubt very much it's a driver or directX issue. I've had old drivers, new drivers, reinsalled DLC. Bloody annoying when we have paid about the same amount for the DLC as we did for the full game.



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There is a bit of confusion here since some people are talking about the Memory Error and then others are talking about the DirectX error (DLC 1 related one), which are both entirely different errors. The DirectX error has a few workarounds that community members have posted, like switching to specific graphic settings, disabling the Nvidia control panel, disbaling graphic card overlay programs. However, the issue itself is still being worked on and those are just temporary workarounds. 

If you are looking for workarounds, here is a great Steam thread with lots of other community members trying out options and sharing those: 

Lastly, just be careful with the workarounds since none of them we have officially endorsed or confirmed is successful a large portion of the time. Additionally, there is one that involves editing your Registry and due to the potential to cause serious issues (if you make a mistake with that process) I'd specifically not recommend trying that one. 


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im still testing but looks promising for me now
Like sugested here before i adjust "Screen Space Reflection" from "high" to "normal"
and now even played a copple of maps without crashing.
Im hoping to play more this week to see if the crashes are all gone now.
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not enough played this week on the dlc maps.

try testing it this week

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reply from support

Hello DJ_NoMercy,

This is being investigated as we speak, I have been promised more information at a later time.
In turn I will keep you up to date as well, thank you for your patience and understanding.

Kind regards,

Ben M
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