Im done with the online games

World War II PC

Spend $4000 to build a gaming pc and you cant get any kill cuss of all the cheaters out there  

what the hell are the anti cheat things good for like punkbuster there use 

Gaming use to be fun  not anymore  there are some dam grate players but why do these other player have to cheat  

i just don't get it  

Not sure if its me the game or games or my system   but there is something wrong   

i could spend 100 grand on a pc  and it would be the same way can not win a gun fight 

lag is so bad it like im 3 to 5 second behind   

its BF to not just COD   
I love these war game but you get sick of dieing all the time  there times i can even respond back in the game as soon as i do im killed  

So im going to put up a add and find a cod play and get him to play the game on this pc   and see what going on  
cuss i can not figure it out 


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 could it be your internet speed???

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No, he is 100% correct, game cheating has increased so much, its not just a nuisuance anymore but is completely game debilitating...


There is hope, but we need to unite!!


We don't NEED anti-cheat... I have developed the solution, but the companies have no interest, its up to the gamer to force companies to utilize the solution..


The solution is simple to solve with today's existing technology, and monetarily cheap to create. Nothing much changes. I have simply stepped through the process and brought it down to one simple concept.


Give the Player the ability to play with whom they choose. <--- How simple is that? Too Simple!

From here out, cheaters are the worthless worms they've become.


By adding 3 simple filters to games, you put all the power of dedicated servers gave to gamers, into the current easy to maintain and implement lobby based servers for theh developers... From there, the player chooses who they want to play with.... Cheating dissolves instantly, people start playing with othehr people their age,  in their locations, and with whom or whom not they want.... Region lock solved... Twitchh streamer and you just want to play with your community? Solved.... Just don't want to play with people from Asia... solved... Just want to play with 18+ people from US East? Solved..... Just want to play with the 500 people in ytour gaming guild? Solved.


It's so silly, why it don't exist already is mind blowing... Commuunities grow, esports grows, sales grow... Support tickets dissappear.... Its win win win win win win win for everyone.. Even the cheaters win,, they can play with themselves..


Want to step up Esports? Add one more filter, For more security, no longer can Johnny say, little brother hacked his account, or whatever excuse they come up with.... 


Best of all.. it ceases nothing out of the box already... you simply choose to use this system, you are free to continue playing as if nothing changed.. albeit, people who hate chehaters won't be there to be victimized.


just check out my forum.. Project Player protocol



 Takes 2 systems...

1. MOM (Mother of Matchmaking) Something like steam provides its platform developers, but with 3 added filters. Age, Region, Community


2. GRID (Gamer Reputation ID)


Developers just hook their games up to MOM, and add any type of game lobby system they desire with virtually no code required. Players wishing to use the GRID, now have the added filters to get rid of all theh smacktards they wish.... Each person has a verified account, run by the social network creator and owner who verifies the players. More intended for E-sports and people who want the added security and fair play.... Players now have an anonymous, but publically verified level that others can see to prove they are nice legit people... You can choose which level of player on the grid you want to queue with


 If a player goes rogue, gets reported alot or gets a game ban from the publisher.... Goes on to his GRID profile.. You can't change your life... Only your email and hardware...Don't want to trash your GRID profile? The solution is simple, don't cheat...


Smurfing is also alleviated... Win Win Win Win Win for PC Gaming


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Wow i thought i would be raged for this post  
Like i said there some  grate players  and you can tell who they are  

if i see a player with 30 killl and 10 to 20 dies  he is a good player but 

if i see a player with 50 kills and 2 dies  i think he has to be cheating 
If i ever did cheat but never will   i would ony want a unlimited ammo 

cuss it take me a full clip tp drop a player haha 

and another thing that pisses me off when you here player say your campimg  what a sniper 

in real life he a camper most of the time  and that the only way i can get kills 
any way thanks for understanding my post 


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My down is 180mbps  my up is 15 mbps  ping is 9    

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