Special Helmets "Special" Category Missing..

World War II PC

I just purchased the FaZe Clan CWL pack and realized that I didn't receive the helmet that is promised in the list. I then go on to realize that I also don't have my Beta helmet either! In the uniform custumization menu, all the different events are there. But there is no category anywhere for "Special" helmets, such as the Beta Helmet, and all CWL helmets. 


There is a "Special" category that contains this CWL content and Beta content for emblems and calling cards. So where are my "Special" helmets SHG...

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Hello again, 


Okay so I just checked and my beta helmet is still under the Special tab. It might be a visual glitch, go to the special tab and switch to another tab then go back to special and check for them. 

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As you can see I have no Special tab in my Special Helmets. Screenshot_1.png

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Click th "A"-button, and toggle.....
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