A Seemingly unheard of problem with the Season Pass...?

World War II PS4

A Seemingly unheard of problem with the Season Pas...


So my brother and I received a COD WWII Season Pass for Christmas with a code and everything and we used the code pretty much immediately, despite the fact that no dlc had been released at that point, and we thought it was all set up. 

As you all know, about 6 weeks ago or so dlc 1 was released and we did not have it.  We checked if the season pass was installed and it apparently was and so was dlc 1, but in game neither of us could access any of the maps.  This was kinda weird and we've tried several ways that are supposed to fix this. 


The most peculiar part of this whole issue was when we deleted the "installed" dlc 1 and redownloaded it.  Upon trying to open it, a message popped up saying that the Black Ops 3 disc wasn't inserted.  This seriously confused me.


Activisions support page didn't seem to have the answer.  So I got into a live chat with a Ps4 customer service person for about 2 hours and tried all the methods he recommended and then redownloaded the dlc again and it still didn't work.  I figured maybe I'll try deleting BO3 and then downloading the dlc, then redownloading BO3 but I haven't gotten around to it yet mainly because we have all the BO3 dlc and it would take forever to redownload. 


Admittedly, I haven't done all that much research into if this is a truly unique problem, but I couldn't find anyone who had this and I don't think the Ps4 support guy had seen this before either.  Have any of you seen this before/know what to do?





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Re: A Seemingly unheard of problem with the Season...

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I found the problem but I'm not sure how to fix it.  The Ps4 seems to read COD WWII as uninstalled when I go in the purchased section, but we can still play it which is weird.  Maybe its because its a disc game?

Im not sure



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