AFK in Infected Solutions

World War II PS4

I'm including a video of a player on COD: WWII Infected to show what is going on. 


To many people are using infected to gain points to their Prestige and gain Drop Boxes. Most that do it (If not all) seem to have a MODDed controler that repeat the same button order over and over again.. They Jump in place, Fire their Weapon until Empty or Melee Attack repeatitly. 

My Solution, No Drop Boxes in infected, Games do not count towards Daily/Weekly/Special Orders rewards and Loss of Prestige. If using a MODDed Controler, a 24hr or 3 Day bann from game play.


Cheater Caught

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Allow me to explain why this is a bad solotion

Infected is the quickest way to complete orders. taking this away will make the AFKing people join other gamemodes such as S&D, and Prophunt, two of the shortest round oriented gamemodes in the game. Next if you took away loot boxes from this gamemode people would stop playing it all together.... and you can't really take away XP from a mode...

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