Bye for now,

World War II PS4

Bye for now,

Dear COD,

I have enjoyed playing your various titles for many years, making friends, and being part of a clan but I regret that I need to move on to some different games. The frustration of having red bar connection despite having full cable internet with ethernet and yet your servers placing my game play at a ridiculous disadvantage to other players is just wasting my time. Putting me (an Australian) in foreign lobbies is just not working for me. My connection is off the charts good with open NAT, so no, that is not the issue. I will continue to monitor forums and maybe if these issues are fixed, I will return, but for the time being I will be content to spend my time doing something else. Let me know when you get your stuff together, I will be back if that happens. Yours sincerely _zedsaint

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