COD MW massive issues

World War II PS4


There are a few issues that need to be fixed on COD MW:

1) ever since the last 2 updates the games online have been freezing up and warping players all over the screen and then the game stops. There is a bug in the online mode that needs to be fixed. 


2) On Shipment section: This map is way to small, should eliminate The helos and bombing runs and just let this map be player vs player without any support units


3) The Ship scene same as above eliminate the helos and the bombing runs let it be player on player.


4) Snipers: If I have a hit in the head or chest that player should be dead especially with the .50 Cal. lets make it a little more real please.


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Here are a couple issues that need to be fixed on Gran Turismo 6. 


    Add support for wheel players to switch between 250° and 900° of rotation.


    Allow Nascar to race in the dirt and snow.


Here are a couple issues with Eggo pancakes. 


   They are supposed to be microwavable, which they are, but they always come out like rubber.


   They often stick together while frozen, maybe a little parchment paper between them?



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