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World War II PS4

Sup guys,


I've got here a PS4 and I have a PS Store copy of COD WW2, installed it nicely on my previously upgraded 1TB harddrive.

Played the game for a pretty long time, prestige 1 lvl 35 something like that, and I took a break for awhile to play other games.

Months past by, now the game crashes directly after the COD WW2 startup screen, it doesn't even reach the main menu.


Installed a 2TB harddrive, because the one I had in it was a SSHD and thought it might have corrupted the gamefiles(like it did with GT Sport and GTA5 for some cars).

But nope, still crashes at exact the same time, Sony blames it on the upgraded harddrive but doesn't seem correct since the original 500gb harddrive does the same.


Since the patch came out a couple of days ago, I tried again and still crashing, reinstalled the game and without patches it crashed again.

Tried after being patched, and the game works so I played for 2 hours and it all went well, no hickups or something like that.

PS4 was done installing the third DLC pack so I restarted the game and now the game crashes again, just like it did before.


When I delete my player settings/save file, the game actually boots up but crashes 3 seconds later, still not reaching main menu.

After the crash, the PS4 has a settings file again, then when starting up, it crashes again right after the bootup screen.

Did a databse rebuilt, crashes right after the bootup screen again, with or without the settings file.

Now redownloading(yay PS store version) the game, let's find out if it works again for one time, that would be great actually, that's one time more then it does now.


Anyone has any tips how to fix this because it's getting annoying paying 60 euro's for a game, paying another 60 euro's or so on DLC and I can't play the game.

My Black Ops 2 crashes also just after the bootup screen, but I don't care about that game since it was free for PS Plus members and I think it's bad anyway, but it shows a pattern here.

Didn't try all my other games but before reinstalling the PS4 they all played fine except GTA 5 and GT Sports but they crashed on a different way and don't crash now anymore.

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