I keep getting disc error I can play for about 10-15 min then it just kicks me off to the main menu

World War II PS4

Please help I love this game but it sucks that I can only play for 10-15 min on multi player then kicks me out to main menu e with disc error.orror code (Disc read error 'imagefile189.pak'

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Hi ELLEBRON ! I’m looking up a solution for you ! You playing on PS4 or PC ? Thanks ! Ben

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I get the same thing if i stay on a match for to long on a ps4. What causes this? And how do i fix it? 

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I’d guess it’s a problem with the disc drive. If it fails shortly after it’s being used, then pretty soon it probably won’t work at all.


Its not a problem with the game code, it’s probably not a problem with the actual disc...what else is left? Hardware.


To double check, see if other games fail or if music or movies fail after 20-30 mins of use. If they do, it’s the disc drive. If they don’t, it’s the disc.

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