Kicked out of games

World War II PS4

Still get thrown out.. 3 games in a row and I can't join after even though my slot hasn't been filled. 

I get "The Call of Duty WWII serivce is not available at this time. Please try again later."

Activision support seem clueless and keeps writing about a list of known issues

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Activision solution please, I was about to hit a V2 and i got kicked.. and I had played a game of War for something like 28 minutes and I got kicked in the last 2 minutes on 2XP and I was not happy... find a fix please... I beg because this has been happening for nearly 4 months for me now... Activision pull your act together...


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Yip happening all the time it's starting to annoy me. Also when you do get in your contracts are missing emblems and paintjobs. Think they would have sorted this by now 

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I have been , even while I am playing zombies on call of duty black ops 4 actavision need to fix this as that is not fair to everyone. 

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