Let me choose my map

World War II PS4

Makes no sense?? if I am in the lobby by myself and three maps are availabe to vote on and I vote for aachen,then thats the map it should find for me with an open slot and put me into. Not fkn USS Spawn Trap 3 times in a row and having to back out.

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I don't think you understand how the voting works, it's tied to each particular round, not the entire online server. Grow up, play the round and move on to the next, you know, COD since the very 1st title. Though I suspect WW2 is your 1st title.

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if they will allow this then it will create more problems.

biggest will be that there will be sh1t loads of halfempty servers because everybody will be waiting only for his map.

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Then you will only play nuketown, firing range. That what people will pre choose

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