New Blyskawica smg is broken, stats inaccurate

World War II PS4

This SMG has the highest damage output in it's class and still takes at least two more shots than all the rest of the SMGs with the same range stats. The first row of enemy Targets in the firing range takes six shots no matter what without long barrel. The ppsh, with less damage and the same range stat, only takes five shots and even the row of enemy targets further behind that row still takes 5 shots. How is that possible? Also the reticles do not show up on the scopes for this SMG. I think the stats are either inaccurate or this gun is broken because it is definitely a hitmarker machine and has the highest damage output of any SMG in its class and I mean  even up close, like the target 10 ft to your right in the firing range. Also the LAD lmg extended mag does not show up in the attachments, the attachment before it notifies you that the next attachment unlock is the extended mag but there is no picture for it in the attachments.

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