Prop hunt broken always.

World War II PS4

Prop hunt broken always.

This mother *****ing WWII developer i swear down i;m going to *****ing kill every last one of them. So i played prop hunt 2 rounds for both team. enemy won 1 we won 1. Later my team starts to leave the game. its time for us to hunt and we are missing players. Same for other team but they are hiding so advanrage for them because they can hide freely. So we played the whole 3rd round with only 4 players in our team and we lost. So when the last round begins and it is time for us to hide. At first the enemy only had 3 players and then this mother *****ing game ***** sucker starts to add players to the enemy team.


So now the enemy has 6 players to hunt and we have 4 players to hide. What the ***** seriously. Now the enemy gets total of 6 players to hunt whereas we only had 4 players at round 3. This is not even *****ing fair.  *****ing ***** COD WWII show me your *****ing face i;ll come right at your house and *****ing stab you. ***** hole

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